Werk Tuft Robot Operating Software


            User Friendly Operator-Machine Interface – tufting display during operation,

design registration adjustments with on-machine mending.


The Werk Tuft Robot operating software has many features that give the operator a variety of useful functions:

       Our self-developed Werk Robot Tuft Control software( HMI) a very innovative and user-friendly graphical user interface,Using the touch screen , the tufting stitches are displayed synchronously during the operation.

              Unique Multilingual Graphical User Interface

    This user-friendly interface utilizes advanced algorithms to handle the machine effectively. It provides special reports and controlling items to make the operator run the robot smoothly and efficiently.
software is available in different languages. It can also be adapted to your language requirements on demand.

   WERK tuft  software has many capabilities and provides various useful functions to the operator:

•File management Design preview
••Design selection and definition of production plan
 •Preview the tufting process and change the order of the layers 
 •A bility to rotate or flip the design
 •Set production parameters: stack height, density, cut and loop mode, minimum                     / maximum tufting speed, overall speed, etc.
 •Ability to synchronize the tufting on the device while the robot is running
 •WIN 7 operating system
 •USB design file transfer and network transmission design
 •Remote troubleshooting

The main function

•Touch screen friendly user interface
•Multilingual ( English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Persian, Chinese, Russian)
•Transfer the design to the controller through one file instead of multiple files.
•Monitoring report: progress, remaining processing time of each color, remaining time of the entire processing, tufting speed, etc.
•Set production parameters: pile height, density, cutting and circulation mode, minimum/maximum tufting speed, total speed, etc.
•Design preview in raster and vector formats
•Calculate production time for production planning
•Ability to change and move the design position
•Ability to rotate or flip the design
•Preview the production process
•Synchronize laser pointer and camera for precise positioning
•USB and network support
•Support with Windows 7 system