Robotic Tufting Head
     The WERK ROBOTIC TUFTING MACHINE equipped with two different structure    heads.
   •  Mechanical tufting gun-----Y-type scissors principle can be tufted on various base fabrics,     and can produce very fine or tufted designs with high density at the height of short pile.
   •  Pneumatic tufting gun-----Cutting principle of guillotine blade can automatically switch between cutting pile and pile pile (uninterrupted conversion)
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                Mechanical tufting gun
      Rotating tufting needle-when turning the "only needle" turns the scissors to rotate, not the entire tufting gun. This helps to turn quickly and smoothly at full speed without worrying about fluffing at the spin or reducing speed. (This is the only carpet machine in the industry that uses this design)

     Not need to adjust the needle's center position. Well-designed mechanical structure so that the center will not appear any deviation, so no need to adjust any mechanical position. The left corner and the right corner do not shift when filled horizontally. (This is the only carpet machine in the industry that uses this design)

                                               Pneumatic tufting gun

  Full Speed non-stop tufting of varying pile types, pile heights and stitch lengths, with any mixture of horizontal, vertical, angled, or spiral fills and outline tufting.
  • Rotating Tufting Needle (Patented): “needle only” rotation for fast, smooth, full speed cornering with high reliability and low wear
  • Auto “Cut/Loop” Capability (Patented): the machine automatically switches between cut pile and loop pile on a tuft-by-tuft basis according to the design. Each tuft can be specified as cut pile or loop pile.
  • 3D Tufting (Patented): automatically tuft varying pile heights, on a tuft-by-tuft basis, in cut pile, loop pile, or cut+loop pile according to the design.
Fitted with a reliable guillotine yarn cutting system for consistently cutting multiple yarns and a wide range of yarn types and thicknesses.
    There is no pneumatic component in the whole machine, and the access of the tuft gun head is controlled by servo motor. The speed of the gun head can be quickly controlled, the base cloth and the tuft gun pressure can be automatically detected, and the distance between the frame and the center point of the stretcher frame can be automatically adjusted to make the tension of the entire machine's stretcher frame consistent. Ensure that the overall graphics are not shifted
   The unique needle  design eliminates the need to consider yarn splicing. Yarn joints of any size can pass through the needle , and the needle will never be blocked and cause downtime.