Robotic Tufting Machine

     Werk Robot Tuft machie is Strong, rigid industrial structure to ensure sustained high-speed operation. Accurate tufting, sharp corners and small stitching with precise tufting at full tufting speed,This is due to the needle rotation design, not the rotation entire gun head. The use of eight servo motors provides a very high production speed for the WERK Robto Tuft. Suitable for all types of designs.
                   Has the following advantages:
      Our self-developed Werk Robot Tuft Control software( HMI) a very innovative and user-friendly graphical user interface,Using the touch screen , the tufting stitches are displayed synchronously during the operation.(For detailed function introduction, please refer to the Werk Robot Tuft control software interface.

      The machine control software uses an absolute position encoder that records the absolute position of each pin. Even if the power is turned off, the position information will not be lost, and there will be no shift or loss of position. Guarantee the accuracy of each pattern.


Rotating the tufting needles - the "only needles" are turning instead of the entire tips of the knives when cornering, which facilitates fast, smooth full-speed turns without the risk of blushing at the turns, Don't worry about fluffing at the rotation or slowing down. (This is the only carpet machine in the industry that uses this design

  No need to adjust the needle's center position. Well-designed mechanical structure so that the center will not appear any deviation, so no need to adjust any mechanical position. The left corner and the right corner do not shift when filled horizontally. (This is the only carpet machine in the industry that uses this design)

    There is no pneumatic component in the whole machine, and the access of the tuft gun head is controlled by servo motor. The speed of the gun head can be quickly controlled, the base cloth and the tuft gun pressure can be automatically detected, and the distance between the frame and the center point of the stretcher frame can be automatically adjusted to make the tension of the entire machine's stretcher frame consistent. Ensure that the overall graphics are not shifted
   Automatic feeder device with servo control. The amount of wire feed can be precisely controlled. The powerful pull makes it easy to pull the yarn out of the tower. It is convenient to set the wire feeding amount in the software, and send the yarn in advance according to the set wire feeding amount before the scissors trimming, which reduces the tension between the yarn and the scissors, and ensures that each needle has a same  pile height

  Electric stretch frame fastening system, it is also controlled by wireless remote control, which automatically adjusts the tension of the base fabric through the remote control to reduce the work intensity of the operator.

   The whole machine adopts  AC single-phase 220V power supply, without any pneumatic components, so no air compressor is needed, which helps the factory save air resources and save the cost of air compression. The total power of the machine is 1.5 KW, which saves power.

    The whole machine adopts Japanese Panasonic brand servo motor, which has extremely low failure rate, higher control precision and more durability. The transmission rack adopts high-precision helical rack, which has higher moving speed and less noise. The mechanical guide rail adopts square guide rail, which has large bearing capacity and high precision.

  Wireless remote control - this remote control greatly improves the efficiency of the machine operator. Because he can operate multiple machines at the same time, whether it is on the front or back of the machine, even as far as 40~50 meters, the machine can be accurately controlled.


    To avoid faults and errors when tufting, the robot is equipped with multiple yarn detection systems. On the tuft unit and up to 7 individual sensors on the creel minimizes both unnecessary stops and repairs.

   It has an automatic winding function that makes The color mixing more uniform when producing yarns of multiple colors.